Iron Shields Company Values

Experience in Excellence

Iron Shields' clients associate our services with Zero Leaks & No Data Loss. We have worked with major enterprises and government entities, including satellite systems, mainframe systems, and the world's fifth largest network, all for whom data security is a No Excuses proposition.

A Company Founded by Engineers

Iron Shields stands out from conventional security companies because it was founded by certified engineers from the Washington D.C. region who wanted to bring the program administration maturity associated with national defense projects to media, state government, and commercial organizations, with a style of friendly customer service not typical of security professionals.

Customer Service

Choosing Customer Service as a company value reminds our busy engineers that knowledge of the security-relevant components of a web browser or a finely-honed technique with the latest executable debugger are no substitute for applying polite and affirmative candor to customer requests and encouraging a genuine rapport. In an age when most security managers are happy to treat consultants as full team members, we remind Iron Shields engineers to reinforce customer beliefs that the human element is central to technical security. If customers require extensive explanations about procedural options or system security posture, then time spent on these activities is time well spent.


Quality improves each customer's perception of the service performed and is what gives Iron Shields the best chance of being invited back in the future. Iron Shields counts its Quality Control department as the most important component. Quality is what distinguishes a brand. We rely on word-of-mouth referrals and do not use commercial media advertisements, feeling that this effort would be better invested in Quality Control and Personalized Attention. A good security company's reputation is what brings recognition to the efforts of its employees, encouraging them to be good security practitioners.

Process Improvement

The Iron Shields founders worked with companies that developed multi-million dollar fighter jets during the formative years of their careers, with the result that Iron Shields has inherited part of the company culture of these high-tech manufacturing environments. One element central to the process that enables American jet production is a commitment to continual improvement--even when the team is busy, even when senior management is touring facilities, even on a Friday afternoon. The attitude that every day presents an opportunity to do things better is what allows Iron Shields to achieve recognition for quality and dedication.


Iron Shields is not only a leader in the security industry, we are a good community member as well. Iron Shields sponsors interested employees to work on volunteer projects that contribute to the well-being of their communities, particularly in areas related to education or urban renewal.