Our History

Founded with the aim of providing military grade information security to all, Iron Shields continues to serve a diverse range of security needs, from industrial control systems to enterprise infrastructure, and beyond.

Founded in 1998 as database quality control company, we soon recognized a dramatic need for a higher level of data security. In 2001, we refocused our efforts to become a provider of superior data security methodology. Iron Shields was founded by veterans of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Iron Shields' goal is to bring military grade security to industry, especially media companies, utility, or SCADA. Iron Shields is an award-winning provider of network security and has a first-in-class track record of delivering demonstrable results to CISO and security managers of enterprise networks. In a 2010 survey of network security management professionals, more survey respondents recommended Iron Shields as a company they would trust to assist with important projects than any other company, including industry giants such as McAfee.

We provide security to high performance equipment including orbital satellite command and control systems, oil-drilling rig industrial control systems, mainframe computer systems, high-throughput communication segments, and aviation technology network defense. We have clients in two countries, including two federal governments.

Iron Shields has a long history of network security leadership and innovation. We work hard to expand our service line to meet emerging customer needs. Our extensive array of capabilities includes creating novel, more effective, techniques for securing networks, integrating disparate security technologies, creating advanced solutions that span business units, and updating security systems to prepare for the latest threats.

Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Iron Shields employs engineers and support staff from across the U.S. This represents a diverse, talented, and innovative workforce, many with advanced degrees.

Iron Shields has provided security for high-value applications, including human resource systems protecting critical PII, "National Critical"-rated industrial control systems (SCADA), counter-botnet operations, military, and organized crime incident response. Our service offerings include incident response, risk management, regulatory compliance, network security architecture, application engineering, and security management. In 2010, Iron Shields was honored with a Symantec residency, and has been involved in consulting for Security Focus publishing and security industry literature.