Application Engineering

Who needs it?

Application Engineering Conceptual Overview

Application Engineering is the one service that almost every network security department needs, but few will be able to vocalize, much less explain, its essential necessity.

Application Engineering is the art and science of building a network application, installing a canned network application, and integrating diverse network applications, along with tuning, migration, maintenance, and repair, sometimes in an emergency. For some, it is surprising that one concept pertains to such a diverse and important set of tasks. Moreover, since your average in-house security staff will tend to be rather heavy on the operational or managerial skill sets, application engineering is a logical place to begin seeking third-party assistance.

The term engineering applies to this craft because most of the software associated with these operations is referred to as an engine. Application engineering is an applied discipline. Most theorists would be out of place performing application engineering, and the successful application engineer is the sort of person who thinks better while working with their hands and is able to quickly adapt plans to circumstances when events go awry. It is this sort of person that Iron Shields recruits for our Application Engineering team.


  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Vendor Assessments
  • Security—not to be overlooked!


  • Design
  • Data Load Processing
  • Provisioning


  • User Experience Impact Assessment
  • Tuning
  • Change Management
  • Training

Application Engineering Service Offerings

  • Data Loss Prevention Engines
  • Firewalls
  • Enterprise Anti-malware Engines and Antivirus
  • Vulnerability Scanning Engines
  • Intrusion Detection Engines

Application Engineering Price-Point Considerations

  • Get multiple engines installed or tuned at the same time
  • Get Iron Shields involved in the vendor assessment
  • Commit to a maintenance schedule