Case Studies

Iron Shields has worked with a large variety of companies and security tasks, from the relatively simple to the extremely complex.

Here is just a sampling of the companies for which we have proudly resolved security issues. We can provide solutions for your company too, tell us your story.

Time Warner

Installation and configuration of Time Warner's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system, a feat of application engineering that was accomplished two weeks ahead of schedule and 10% below budgetary projections.

New York City (Municipal Government)

Iron Shields provided security engineering, incident response as well as architectural consulting for the world's fifth largest network, an environment spanning more than five hundred thousand endpoints (500,000 computers) and more than a dozen operating systems. With more than a million users, Iron Shields helped the city respond to threats as diverse as mischievous children, organized crime syndicates as well as botnet attacks.


Provided penetration testing to one of the world's largest insurance companies, helping to achieve operational security goals for several of the applications maintained for the benefit of thousands of users.