Iron Shields is not only a leader in the field of network security, it is a good place to work. We offer the opportunity to work on the cutting-edge of technology, and manage large digital asset profiles and high-value applications.

To apply, please email your resume via the related link—remove "*NOSPAM*" from both sides of the email address and leave the preset subject line intact.

  • Security Architect — 10 years experience
  • Iron Shields is seeking a security architect with a background in either network architecture or network design. An ideal candidate will be comfortable designing applications and integrating applications as well as facilitating both the risk management and defense-in-depth models into their work. Apply for the Security Architect position.

  • Security Analyst — 2 years experience
  • Iron Shields is seeking a security analyst with experience either working as a technology analyst or working in some capacity of or risk management. Experience in traffic analysis or intrusion detection is highly desired. Experience with diverse data sets if firmly expected. Apply for the Security Analyst position.

  • Penetration Tester — 6 years experience
  • Penetration Tester wanted with experience in incident response or risk management. Strong technical writing skills are a firm requirement. Candidates should ideally have experience performing code analysis and automating parts of the assessment and analysis process. Apply for the Penetration Tester position.

  • Application Engineer — 4 years experience
  • Iron Shields is seeking an application engineer with an understanding of standard protocols, all currently popular operating systems, automation and integration principles, and migration experience. Network, server and traffic principles should be firmly understood. Apply for the Application Engineer position.

Iron Shields is an equal opportunity employer.