Security Architecture

In some cases, an organization will want to build a new network entirely and add security infrastructure from the ground up or make considerable changes to the system that require re-engineering. The presence of a security architect on the project is warranted for these situations.

strength in securityConceptual Overview

Network security architecture is the design and structure of security for a network. It is a framework for the specification of a network's physical components and their functional organization and configuration, its operational principles and procedures, as well as data formats used in the network's security operation.

In computer security, the specification of a network's architecture may also include a detailed description of products and services delivered via a communications network, as well as SLA and application performance structures under which services are delivered.

The network security architecture of the Internet is predominantly expressed by its use of the Internet protocol suite, rather than a specific secure model for interconnecting networks or nodes in the network, or the usage of specific types of hardware links.

Price-Point Considerations

Important price points to consider when purchasing security architecture service include pertinent security engineering, as well as application engineering. A security architect, for example, will often have an engineering background sufficient to accomplish most security engineering or application engineering tasks. When hiring the service of a security architect, it is often best to consider "killing two birds with one stone" by asking the provider to accomplish additional engineering tasks as well.

Iron Shields Architectural Assessment Innovations

Minimum Risk Architecture

Using this proprietary architectural strategy, Iron Shields security architects are able to provide architectural design or maintenance consulting.

Defense-in-Depth Optimum

Defense-in-Depth strategy is best implemented at the architectural level. This is what security specialists refer to as "secure by design." Iron Shields has a trade secret process for delivering an architectural design that optimizes efficiency and minimizes impact, derived from the inclusion of security features as a key component of network architecture.

Architectural Consulting Service Offerings

Endpoint-to-Endpoint secure solutions

Unfortunately, no single piece of software exists that can provide a solution for securely transmitting data over the public Internet that will be accessible to average users. Many companies struggle with methods that allow employees to have authorized remote access, especially in the case of staff who work from their home.

Defense-in-Depth Implementations

Increasingly, hackers are targeting non-traditional methods of access to gain illicit insight into enterprise networks. The Defense-in-Depth strategy, and its implementations, are progressively more popular with security managers. When implemented successfully, a network, particularly its most precious resources, can often be protected from criminals even when hackers do gain partial access.

Network Architecture

Network architecture is possibly the most important component of information technology architecture, at least from a security perspective. Denial-of-service attacks are much less prevalent against hardened or well-designed systems. If attackers are able to gain control of layer-two or layer-three switching equipment, they have a host of attacks open to them. It is for this reason that the presence of a security architect on a network design process is especially valuable.

Process Design

Any large business process—including security process—that involves more than a dozen people can have a tendency to develop bottlenecks if not given attention by an engineer in the process design. Engineers and Architects can improve a large process and introduce KPI analysis, quality control, checks and balances, and efficiency studies.