Information Security Services

Rely on Iron Shields to solve security challenges that other security companies cannot.

We specialize in providing security for high-performance technologies and solving problems for which conventional solutions do not work. With years of experience and a highly-trained staff, Iron Shields should be your first choice.

Iron Shields provides a full body of service


  • Honeypot Analysis
  • Experimental Covert Endpoint Management
  • Counter Intrusion

These are just a few of the security topics we're researching. Research is a vital component of thorough information security service provision.

Incident Response

Malware or data loss, one node or the whole network, internal or external threat, no matter the security breach, time is of the essence. You want speedy response, not confusion about who to call. Learn about our Incident Response program or simply request a consultation now.

Urgent Security Issue?

Iron Shields can quickly contain problems, limiting damages to your operations and reputation. If you're experiencing an issue right now and need urgent assistance, read about our EMERGENCY Service or simply contact us immediately.


Trying to deliver compliance while maintaining operational continuity can tax company resources and increase the risk that critical issues are missed. HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, SOX, COPPA... these simple acronyms conceal numerous complexities. Let Iron Shields help you meet compliance.

Security Audits

  • Do you really know how strong your security is?
  • How much do you need to budget?
  • What risks exist for your industry?
  • What vulnerabilities are present?
  • Has your company been victimized by a cyber attack?
  • Have service provisions recently changed?
  • Are you subject to regulatory compliance?

Having periodic security audits can help prepare for the future, help with critical budget decisions, and serve as a preventative measure.

Secure Architecture

Settings, firewalls, system update and patch practices, application hardening, vendor and staff screening, and even the depth of training provided to staff will determine whether you're as secure as possible.

Iron Shields will help you build the most secure infrastructure.

Application Engineering

Before you install the next application on your network, access a cloud application, or build your next customer application, choose Iron Shields application engineering services.